Welcome to The Invisible Happiness

Published on: 28th September, 2020

Introduction to the podcast and why you should listen.

We are all on our own journeys here, even though others surround us we walk this path alone. Being your best self is not a concept you are taught early on; making mistaking and stumbling your way through the dark is the general way of life.

All of us could use a little help along the way, a friendly stranger perhaps. I have no PhD but my mistakes have taught me more than any classroom ever could. The journey to happiness is anything but easy, you will laugh, cry, grow and somedays wish you were someone else entirely.

I’m here to help lighten that load, give you a different perspective, be your personal therapist, hype man, life coach, and modern-day guru. Self-Love, Mindfulness, and Gratitude are what I have come to learn are the key foundations for happiness. Join me on this journey.

The Invisible Happiness awaits ...

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About the Podcast

The Invisible Happiness
A show dedicated to Self Love, Mindfulness and Gratitude
The Invisible Happiness is a show made for the lost, wandering, and found alike. Anyone willing to work toward living their best lives and finding their ultimate happiness.

Featuring bi-weekly focused sessions based on Self-Reflection, Meditation, Life-Coaching, Affirmations, and Thought-Provoking Exercises. Giving you the tools to walk fully in your power and manifest the life you want.

Produced by Ashland, the show releases new episodes every other Monday along with exclusive written and audio content for supporting listeners on ( -Check it out for bonus material, merchandise, and your opportunity to become a bigger part of the Happiness Collective.
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